Abereiddy (usual Welsh spelling: Abereiddi) is a hamlet in the county of Pembrokeshire, in south-west Wales.

It has a small beach which was awarded the Blue flag rural beach award in 2005. Abereiddy common adjoins the beach. The Common which runs inland behind the beach lies within the Manor of Llanrhian.

An ice cream and refreshments van can be found there every day between Easter and the end of October, weather permitting. Donations for car parking are welcomed at the ice cream van.

Abereiddy also has public toilets which are open from February half-term to October half-term.

The Pembrokeshire Coast Path gives fine walking in both directions from here. The ‘Blue Lagoon’, a small slate quarry, now flooded by the sea is a short walk from the beach. Initially, slate was exported across Abereiddy beach, but later through a tramway to the harbour at Porthgain a couple of miles to the North. Although the quarry was not as large as those nearer Porthgain itself, it did operate a steam-hauled lift. Ruins of a small group of slate houses known as The Street remain near the beach. These were houses built for the quarry workers of the Blue Lagoon and were abandoned after a flood in the early 20th century. A local resident who lived there, remembers being evacuated as a young child.

The Blue Lagoon is 25m deep, according to a nearby Pembrokeshire National Park information board. Despite the name, the water is always a distinct greenish hue, owing to the mineral content within the quarry. The lagoon is a favourite for adventure groups practising coasteering, and also diving when the weather is bad. In September 2012 the Blue Lagoon at Abereiddy was the site of the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series, making its UK debut. Fourteen of the world’s best divers dived from a man-made platform, 27 metres above the Blue Lagoon. Red Bull have confirmed that they return this year on September 13th and 14th for some more adrenalin fuelled, breath taking competition.

Following the coast path north leads to Porthgain. Abereiddy to Porthgain is roughly a forty-minute walk.

The coastal path taken in the other direction to the south east goes around St Davids Head and on to Whitesands Bay.

Appearances on film

  • Abereiddy (The Blue Lagoon) appeared in the music video Delerium – Silence (Featuring Sarah McLachlan) 2004.
  • Abereiddi was the main location for the 1961 film Fury at Smugglers’ Bay starring Peter Cushing.
  • Abereiddi and the ice cream van that regularly visits were also the subject of a short promotional film called “Ice Cream” for Visit Wales, the Welsh Tourist Board, in 2009.
'Ice Cream' - Visit Wales movie...
What is Common Land?...
Definition taken from Wikipedia – Common Land
Common land (a common) is land owned collectively or by one person, but over which other people have certain traditional rights, such as to allow their livestock to graze upon it, to collect firewood, or to cut turf for fuel.
Originally in medieval England the common was an integral part of the manor, and was thus legally part of the estate in land owned by the lord of the manor, but over which certain classes of manorial tenants and others held certain rights.
By extension, the term “commons” has come to be applied to other resources which a community has rights or access to.
The older texts use the word “common” to denote any such right, but more modern usage is to refer to particular rights of common, and to reserve the name “common” for the land over which the rights are exercised.
“Common land” does not mean state-owned or public land, but land that is owned by private individuals or corporations called partition units.
A person who has a right in, or over, common land jointly with another or others is called a commoner.