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Abereiddy is stunning spot within the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority, and the Blue Lagoon is designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest.
Over the past 10 years, Abereiddy become very busy as an outdoor recreation destination.
At times there have been as many as 14 minibusses, and more than 150 people coasteering on the busiest days.
This growth of activity has caused conflict between activity providers, land owners and the National Trust who own and manage much of this part of the coast, and there has been a increase in emergency services called to the area for outdoor activity related accidents.

What's the solution to keep Coasteering at Abereiddy sustainable?...
The Pembrokeshire Outdoor Charter Group were asked to coordinate a series of meetings with all the local providers using the area, the landowers and other key stakeholders such as the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority who leese the management of the foreshore from the Crown Estate.As a result of these ongoing meetings, a reasonable capacity for groups coasteering at the site has been agreed on, and a method for managing numbers was devised for companies wishing to take groups of paying customers to Abereiddy for coasteering activities.
The booking system for Abereiddy has now been set up with a view to ensuring that it doesn’t get too overcrowded by commercial coasteering groups, and that the wildlife and wildness of the area is protected and balance restored and maintained at Abereiddy so that everyone can enjoy the beauty and tranquility of Abereiddy all year round.
Any company can sign up to use Abereiddy...
Any company can sign up to use Abereiddy, (provided they are operating to high standards & suitably insured), however usage of the area for coasteering companies is now limited by voluntary agreement through the Outdoor Charter group to 75 people per half day.

  • To ensure that numbers do not exceed the agreed capacity, the group have agreed to use an online booking system which has been designed to be self managing by the operators who have a licence from both the National Trust and the landowners.
  • There is an admin fee of £85 to get signed up to use the booking system, and then each booking for a group of up to 15 costs £11. This fee is for car parking for your organisation and to enable you to be a part of the booking system to assure your space for your group. It has been introduced by the landowners of the car park.
  • In addition, the National Trust own the lagoon, and have introduced a ‘Coasteering Concordat’ to ensure that companies operating coasteering activities there are accountable and safe.
Commercial Coasteering Operator Booking Process...
If you are a company wishing to use Abereiddy as a venue for taking groups of paying customers out coasteering, you now need to do the following:

  1. Sign up to the National Trust Pembrokeshire Coasteering Concordat, to do so contact Paul Renfro at or 10646 405693 .This agreement has no cost, although you will be required provide evidence of your public liability insurance, operate to the requirements of the concordat, and agree to follow the minimum standard operating procedures as agreed on by the National Coasteering Charter Group which can be viewed here .
  2. Become a Pembrokeshire Outdoor Charter Group member it is currently free to join – send an email to PCF will will give you advice about wildlife in the area, so that you know for example to avoid coasteering too far around the coast during seal pupping times etc. You will also get to hear about relevant environmental training events in the area.
  3. Get registered on the Abereiddy carpark booking system (contact ). There is a one off admin fee of £85 to become registered. You can then get access to the online system to book up slots, and pay the £11 parking fee per session in advance to guarantee yourself slots for the coming year.
You need to be a registered user with username & password for login –
Click here to log in to the Abereiddy Carpark Booking System